Web Agency vs Freelancer

Web Agency vs. Freelancer

Web Agency vs Freelancer….

Are you in the same dilemma? Maybe you’re trying to make a decision, but you’re busy with your other activities and overlook this crucial need.

You can be a business owner, a professional person offering services, or a company that wants to scale the business. At this stage, you will need someone to take care of the ongoing things just like the way you do, and so you can focus on the growth.

We understand your situation, and that is why we crafted this article to help you out. Now, that you’ve managed to take some time, we assure you that by the end of this article you will be able to make a concrete decision on who should you hire – a web agency or a freelancer.

We’ll be covering the various aspects according to your business needs and differentiate who will be a better performer.

Web Agency Vs Freelancer – Whom Should I Hire?

Whether you’re running a blog or have an existing website, there are so many unproductive and day-to-day activities that take away most of your valuable time. We’ll use these parameters to make a judgment and drive to a conclusion. 

Let’s jump into the details without any delay:

1. Skills

Skills are the most important factors which decide the outcome of your expectations. Having a relevant skill is the very first thing that you will probably need to check before assigning your work to a web agency or a freelancer.

A freelance guy will be skilled enough to complete a specific requirement. For example, he could be a good web designer. But only a good designer could not craft compelling words of content for the website. In this scenario, he might outsource the content work to someone in his connection or leave the content work for you. 

On the other hand, a web agency has designers as well as the content team, that are proficient enough to handle a variety of requirements.

2. Proficiency

You might get a freelancer willing to work at some penny rates for you. Chances are that they turned out to be good. But, if they are beginners in freelancing or handling external projects, you will need to spend more time on them.

Any web agency will have a corporate structure, wherein if you submit the requirement, that will be analyzed by an expert. A wireframe will be created depending upon the needs, and then a team will be allocated to start working on the project. While working with a company, you will always be in a loop and personally check the progress of your project.

3. Experience

Say, you have a well established offline business, and you’re planning to move into the online space to expand your business. Would you want this to be handled by a novice or an experienced team?

The answer is dependent upon the importance and priorities that you set for your website. For some people, having only a static website will be enough while for other a full-fledged Single page application might be the requirement.

Eventually, an experienced person/team will be able to handle things better. They will be aware of what things work or are customizable in the future if there are changes required. These are crucial decisions because business needs to keep on changing, and you would not want to craft a website or an application where the scope of expansion or changes are minimal.

4. Availability

Going online with your business means you would need to monitor things all the time. If you have an active store with daily transactions, and even if your server goes down for a couple of hours, you might book some loss. Having someone in the backend who ensures everything is running smoothly online is very necessary. 

If you’re hiring a freelancer to keep the server work up-to-date, they might not be available all the time. This is because most freelancers usually have a day job and they handle other projects in their free time. 

However, every web agency has a couple of server technicians who’re dedicatedly assigned the work to handle only the server configuration of websites. They’re responsible for ensuring every website is available 24/7 online, and there is no downtime.

5. Support

Making a website takes considerable time. It’s the first accomplishment after going online with your business. But if you look at the long picture, creating a website is an easy milestone, then maintaining a website.

The website trends are continually changing, and you need to comply with the directions. This requires continuous and instant support from the one who created your website. That is why, whenever you’re looking to hire a web agency vs freelancer, go with the one who is willing to support you for at least six months to a year related to coding, updating content, server maintenance, and search engine optimization.

Generally, freelancers work on a bid system, and they get paid once they deliver the project. After the project is completed, they are not working with you anymore for changes in your website related to search engine trends or any other tweaks in some of the necessary settings.

6. Time

Time is the most critical aspect. Perhaps, no one wants their website to take six months to go online. The process should be well-structured and should have a limited time frame.
Not only this, there should be a written process that will be done every day to track the KPI’s.

Usually, this procedure is followed by a company so the clients can see the progress and are always aware of the changes that are to be made continuously.

A freelancer, on the other hand, might share with you the status after the work is completed. He/she might not always be available at your required time to discuss the changes, and this might cause a delay in the project completion. To overcome this, you can ask the freelancers to have a call at regular intervals and share the number of working hours. But as compared to a web agency, the flexibility to choose the time is significantly less.


While there can be many more factors that we can consider before deciding to hire a web agency vs freelancer, these are the key parameters to complete the hiring checklist.

We have covered the various aspects you will need to consider while developing a project from scratch. Overall, a website development team will be more effective than a single person when it comes to the experience, support, and skills required.

We at DWeb Pixel are a team of designers, developers, and copywriters that continuously strive to help people meet their website demands. You will be happy after collaborating with us, where we can work closely on the requirements and our team of experts can deliver you the website in a limited timeframe.