Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

You have just launched your new website and are trying to expand the offline business over the internet. Before we jump into the details of digital marketing vs traditional marketing, let us first understand the need for marketing for your business. In general terms, marketing is used to inform you about the product and services that you offer. If people consider your product or service beneficial and valuable to them, they might make a purchase and generate a profit.

Now that we are clear that marketing is a creative process that generates sales and increases our profits, we can now compare the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing and opt for the best approach for your business.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing refers to offline marketing activities used to promote your business. It is not something new and has always been there before the invention of the internet. For decades, we are looking at the forms of traditional marketing and have been influenced to make a purchase.

You can say it is the core marketing, and the digital space has evolved from the traditional ways only. Most of the common ways that are utilized in conventional marketing are as follows:

  • TV commercial Ads
  • Broadcasting on radio channels
  • Print media like magazine and newspapers
  • Telephone calls like cold calling
  • Use of billboards, posters, stickers, banners, etc.

Though there have been changes to the above forms, the core idea of promotion is the same. It is not like these are not useful, but many shortcomings are fulfilled in digital marketing.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is doing traditional marketing on digital platforms available nowadays. Simply put, digital marketing is the process of showing ads, emails, banners, etc. on electronic devices used daily such as laptops, personal computers, mobile phones, etc.

After the internet grew, people started spending more hours on the web to learn new things. Things got revolutionized after the entry of popular search engines like Google, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that are now used by billions to socialize with friends, families, and hundreds of others online.

Since everyone is online, it has led to the growth of online marketing. Targeted ads are shown on websites with high traffic, Facebook ads, promoted tweets, influencer programs, video marketing, and so on to acquire customers and make sales for a business.

Why is the need for Digital Marketing?

Now that we have understood the concept of digital marketing, let us go into deep details of how digital marketing is helpful for any offline business.

Scaling a business

Having an offline business is bound to many limitations like:

  • Number of hours the store will be opened for the customers
  • Number of customers that can be attended
  • Customer engagement time
  • Rent of the place, insurance, physical liabilities

Now, there is a difference between growing a business and scaling a business. But when you scale a business online, these things remain constant but the number of sales can go high. You would just need to invest a little time and create some graphics that can be used to promote business online on specific groups like Facebook or Instagram pages.

Branding online

Branding a business has the power for more conversions. Offline branding takes time and is limited to the local area. Whereas branding a business online is relatively faster, cost-effective, and easy with the use of proper influencer marketing. You can pay the online influencers to promote your product and present it as a brand among their followers.

Tracking user journey

In the case of digital marketing, you can track every move of the customer, and you get an in-depth insight into the customer journey and solve the hurdles they face before making a purchase. This is very limited in traditional marketing because you do not have the control to check who your probable customer is.

Going beyond local boundaries

One of the most important aspects of going digital is that you’re expanding your business. You’re reaching more people without opening a new store or an office in the other corner of the city. You can reach an audience beyond the local area and be available to the customers that are little away from your business but are not aware of your business. Setting up a Google My Business account for this purpose will get you for more exposure, customer footfalls, and thus an increase in profits.

Digital Marketing vs traditional marketing: What are the significant differences?

Let us jot down the major differences in following these two approaches:


Digital marketing is comparatively cheaper than traditional marketing. Creating a Facebook ad campaign will cost you less than $200, whereas advertising in the newspapers needs way more than $500 – $1000 every month.

Targeting audience

Considering the above case only, if you publish an advertisement in the newspaper, you cannot predict how many people watched your ad. Even if many people have viewed your ad, whether they’re interested in making a purchase or not.

Whereas in the case of digital marketing, you can target an audience that resonates with your business customers by selecting gender, age group, interests, demographic location, and so on.

Ease of operation

You can efficiently operate multiple digital campaigns yourself or hire an agency or a freelancer to handle it for you. But in traditional marketing, the control is more in the publishing body’s hands, and you cannot change their processes. Apart from this, you cannot pause the advertisements in newspapers with just a click.

Conversion tracking

In the case of digital marketing, you can easily track the number of people that converted. You can also retarget the people who just left before making a purchase. But this not possible in the case of a TV commercial ad, or newspaper ads.

Modification in the marketing funnel

In digital marketing, you can modify the marketing funnel at any time. Whether people are in the awareness stage or at the bottom of the funnel, you can target them by providing a lead magnet or a gift offer that will convert them into customers.

There are more chances of targeting each customer persona category and making slight changes in the marketing approach.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing: Conclusion

We hope that the need for digital marketing is cleared now. Suppose you’re a small business that has just created a new website to enter the online space. In that case, this article will motivate you to apply digital marketing tactics to grow your business on the internet.

There is no denying that traditional ways bring in customers, but the digital and traditional approaches can go hand-in-hand to benefit both ways. You can target the audience with digital campaigns and provide better service in the offline mode. In case you’re looking for a new website, or try hands-on digital marketing, feel free to contact us to take complete care of your business needs.

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