Best Web Design Softwares

Best Web Design Softwares

Are you looking for web design software to start your website? Don’t be in a hurry by jumping into the critical part that is starting the right way to develop the website. Take time to look around for something similar and try to create a wireframe.

A wireframe is a type of mockup, say a blueprint of the actual outcome. This will help you bring together all the design thoughts running in your head. Fortunately, the web design software we are going to discuss is relatively more comfortable than writing a hundred lines of code. These tools are designed for anyone between a novice designer to a web developer.

The right design software comes with plenty of in-built design templates that will help you to create designs faster. Moreover, these are mostly free to start with, and you can opt for a paid version after you’ve thoroughly achieved confidence in particular software.

Let’s jump to the brief details and see what value each software adds to our design process.


WordPress.org is a free CMS that will enable you to create a complete website from scratch. It is the most popular Content management system used by bloggers, small business owners to large corporates for making a dynamic website.

Using WordPress is easy, and nowadays, there are plenty of useful resources available in the WordPress repository that help to create a website faster as compared to the earlier days.

Recently, WordPress themes have started providing readymade templates so you can edit the section as per needs. For adding extra functionalities, there is a wide range of plugins to choose from. Whether adding a conversion optimization popup or building an online course, you’ll find everything in the WordPress repository.


Bootstrap is a responsive open-source framework to create websites at a much faster pace than just writing HTML, CSS, and JS code line-by-line. It was invented by twitter and released in 2011 to fasten up the website development process.

It includes the HTML, CSS, and JS libraries pre-written, and you can use them directly just by mentioning their name in the code. They have their own set of icons that are designed to work smoothly with the Bootstrap framework itself.

Apart from these, Bootstrap has a premium themes marketplace where you’ll find all the pre-built themes with extendable components and powerful tools.


Weebly is a popular online designing software just like the WordPress CMS. It is a self-hosted website designing tool where you will need to drag and drop the elements to create any design as per your needs. Being into the website designing business, you’re not only restricted to develop websites but also produce fully functional online stores without writing a single line of code.

Just like other CMS, Weebly has a vast collection of well-designed, minimal, and professional themes that can be used, and only the content needs to be edited. Not to mention that the themes are responsive, so there is no need to worry about the look on mobiles or tablets. All the themes are SEO friendly and support analytics to track the performance of ads if present.

You can start using Weebly for free, and since it is a self-hosted platform, you can choose a suitable pricing plan as per the business needs.


Wix is a drag-and-drop website builder much similar to the Elementor plugin in the case of WordPress. You can create a variety of websites ranging from personal portfolios, small business websites, online stores, and blogs with their easy to setup interface.

Wix has many powerful in-built features and you do not need any coding knowledge to use them. Wix offers more than 500 free readymade templates to use the website design. In case you want to start designing a new website form scratch, Wix offers artificial design intelligence technology to create a website depending on your answers to the questions asked.

All the templates designed in Wix are clean, responsive, and SEO friendly. Since it is a self-hosted platform, the designs are free to use and edit but will be an ad-sponsored plan. At the same time, the paid plans start from $13 per month for personal use that includes features like increased bandwidth, no ads, and more space for the videos.


Webflow is a free web design software that is gaining popularity among designers recently because of its zero setup convenience. You just need to log in with Google or create an account to jumpstart web designing. It is different from the page builders like Elementor in WordPress because you do not need o to configure a lot of settings before starting to design a template.

Webflow is a self-hosted program. So if you’re done with the designing part and wish to go online, you can choose from one of their plans that includes hosting, CDN, SSL certificates, etc. It offers an “I have no coding experience” option that is extremely useful for non-developers. Instead, Webflow’s automation tool will automatically create HTML and CSS code for you so you can focus on the designing aspect.

You can create dynamic elements in the prototypes, and the code can be seen visually, which is the same if you get coded from a developer. You can share the prototype with team members and go online with the starting package of $12 a month.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop does not need an introduction. It is one of the oldest and most popular tools used to design graphics and layouts used in web designing. It is a premium tool used to create web templates, editing pictures, graphic editing, video-editing, and design multilayer web design mockups that are beyond the capabilities of modern-day designing software.

While its the most powerful tool used by designers, however nowadays there is a shift in using Photoshop majorly for photo-editing and graphic designing. This is because the learning curve for Adobe tools is steeper as compared to other web design software. But if you gain expertise over time, you will be able to design extra-ordinary templates to match the designs running in your mind.

Adobe Photoshop has many settings, and you will need to spend more time to have hands-on training on this tool. But once you get acquainted with it, you can enjoy the best experience by designing complex textures, animations, and canvas that are beyond the capabilities of other web design software.


We have covered almost all the best web design software, although the list can be extended. But more the number of tools will be the confusion before starting up a design.

If you’re starting up, we would recommend you go with WordPress because of its vast community and documentation. You can also check our packages, where our expert designers can work on your website so you can focus on growing your business. Not only this, our experts will always be available for changes and support.

In case, you have any doubt please feel free to ask questions in the comment section below. With this note, we end our post on the best web design software.